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The Job Ready Referral Program (“the Programme”) allows existing candidates, clients and associates (“the Advisor”) to earn a fee (“the Fee”) by referring business associates to become new clients (“the Client”) of Job Ready Training Ltd (“the Company”).

To participate, Advisors must agree to these terms.

How to earn a referral fee

Advisors can earn a Fee or Fees of 5% of the NET fee income if the referred company (“the Client”) registers and completes a permanent or contractor hire within 12 months of an introduction (“the Introduction”) of the Client to the Company, made by the referring Advisor subject to the following conditions:

  1. The Client must not have been engaged in any recruitment exercise with the Company in the 12 months preceding the Introduction
  2. The Client‘s agent must not have been registered as a Candidate or potential Client with the Company in the 12 months preceding the Introduction
  3. The Introduction must be evidenced by an email message or letter sent to the Company at the time of the Introduction, or within (three) 3 working days of the Introduction, by the Advisor and copying in the Client
  4. Any placed candidate must remain in the employment of the Client for the entire duration of the rebate period stated in the terms agreed between the Company and the Client, or, if the hire is on a contract or temporary basis, must have completed a minimum of 12 (twelve) complete weeks in assignment with the Client and submitted valid, authorised timesheets or other evidence of the same;
  5. The Client must have paid all invoices due according to the terms agreed between the Company and the Client.
  6. The referral fees will be payable on net fee income generated during the first 12 months of supplying the new Client only.

How to claim a referral fee

Advisors are asked to submit a valid invoice to the Company within 10 working days of these conditions having been fulfilled.

The invoice must identify the Client and the compliant evidence of the introduction should be attached.

In the event of any dispute concerning the validity of a claim for a referral fee, the final decision will rest with a Director of Job Ready Training Ltd.

The Advisor is responsible for all tax consequences, if any, that may result from the payment of a referral Fee.

Invoices for valid claims will be paid by Job Ready Training Ltd within 30 days.

Other conditions

Advisors are prohibited from directly marketing the Company’s services to any third party with which they have no business association. Advisors warrant that any referral of a Client is made in good faith and that the Client has a genuine requirement for the services of the Company. Advisors must not hold themselves out to be an employee or agent of the Company, nor to make undertakings on behalf of the Company.

Nothing in this agreement shall oblige the Company to accept or complete any instructions from any party.

Updates to the terms

We can update these terms at any time without prior notice. If we modify these terms, we will send the modification to Advisors. Continued participation in the Programme after any modification shall constitute consent to such modification.